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About Sundance Travel Group

The Sundance Travel Group is the marketing arm of LATIF Group; one of the leading brands in the Egyptian real estate, touristic investment, and development industry. The group has a proven track record of delivering innovative and quality products that exceed customers’ expectations and lead the market, it also plays a supporting role in the promotion and marketing of the investment portfolio worldwide, leading the branding for hotels like Rixos, Ritz Carlton and Tirana.


With an investment volume of approximately 3-Billion USD; LATIF Group is one of the leading brands in the Egyptian real estate and tourism industry.


The Sundance Travel Group, powered by LATIF Group, is the Leisure Destination Partner of ITB Buyers Circle & Speed Networking 2017.


Our Vision

Our philosophy is to provide a better quality of life by developing and maintaining signature projects that will not only influence the way people stay in our resorts, but the way tourists enjoy our projects.

Sundance Travel Group has set itself the task to promote tourism, modern attractions, and destinations in Egypt. The group offers high-end hotels and resorts in Sharm ElSheikh, North Coast, Hurghada, and Cairo. Sundance powered by travel group is dedicated to delivering top-notch integrated signature projects to holidaymakers, who appreciate a well-balanced value for money as well as culture, history, and comfort.


Our Mission

Private investment have always been the main driving factor of the tourism industry in Egypt..

That’s why Sundance Travel Group committed itself to the mission of welcoming back tourists to the Red Sea in Egypt, and attracting even more tourism activity to the North Coast in the Mediterranean Sea.

And as a catalyst for changing people’s way of life; the group is focused on creating modern infrastructure that goes beyond conventional stay.

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Our passion

At the heart of our pledge lies the determination to redefine real estate and touristic development, while retaining our tradition and culture in the same time.

Sundance Travel Group is dedicated to undertaking huge hospitality signature projects. Delivering high-end hotels, exceptional experiences, and unmatched quality; the group is committed to providing its services with great attention to every detail that matters to travellers from all over the world. Sundance is determined to lead the industry in Egypt from every aspect of its business portfolio.

Our Team

Latif Group operates a regional network of around 10,000 engineers, contractors, marketers, and other experts in different fields.

A team of highly-qualified pioneers who refuse to compromise on quality, value, style, and service.

Every member of our team is committed to delivering solid construction principles with aesthetic charm, creative architecture, and high-end finishing that goes the appealing outside appearance.

A highly motivated team of professionals that share our vision and passion for innovation are behind our success. We have become family as we are all committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.