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Religious tourism

Egypt has many significant and historical mosques, churches, and synagogues.

Cairo is called City of a Thousand Minarets, In reference to the great number of worship places it possesses. From El-Hussein Mosque and Mohammed Ali Mosque, to Al-Azhar Mosque and University (the oldest in the world) and hundreds of other mosques, shrines, and holy Islamic places.

Egypt also has many monuments marking the Christian Holy Family during their thirty-month holy journey into Egyptian territory to escape from the oppression of the Romans. This journey left behind it churches, monasteries and tombs of great historical importance; such as the Hanging Church, Saint Catherine’s Monastery, and Mount Sinai (the place where Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments. Mentioned in the Book of Exodus, the Bible, and Quran)

In addition to Islamic and Christian monuments in Egypt, there is a wide range of Jewish temples. Temple of Heaven’s Gate, Eliyhau Hanavi Temple, and Yen Ezra Temple (where there is a very deep well in the back of this temple where Jews believe that the mother of the child Moses was hiding him).




-Sharm El-Sheikh