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Water Spots

Egypt boasts wide bodies of water across its northern and eastern coasts, not to mention the longest river on earth: the great Nile River. From the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, to the amazing coral reefs of the Red Sea; there are dozens of activities to be done in here:


  1. Scuba Diving

Diverse marine life and hundreds of Red Sea coral reef sites make Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada a magnet for divers. The reefs in Ras Muhammed is known as one the best diving spots in the world, it can be reached by boat from Sharm within two hours.

Tourists get to experience a dive in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea under direct supervision of a qualified instructor, or pay a visit to the Blue Hole if they’re advanced and qualified enough. (A 107 meters deep hole with an arch opening onto the reef face at 58 meters, considered the most dangerous scuba diving spot in the world).

  1. Parasailing

Egyptian sea resorts are famous for parasailing, one of the most fun and enjoyable activities available all around the country. International and local tourists can enjoy an exquisite 5-minutes rides in pretty much every available hotel and resort in the Sharm ElSheikh and the North Coast.

  1. Snorkeling

No trip to Hurghada or Sharm ElSheikh is ever complete without a day spent exploring the underwater world of the Red Sea. Tourists get to enjoy an exquisite time through the crystal waters past breathtaking coral reefs, exotic-colorful fish, and maybe even turtles and rays.

  1. Wind/Kite Surfing

Egypt is considered one of the best locations in the world for kitesurfing, with spots suitable for both beginners and pro riders. The wide water bodies and steady winds throughout the year provide an unmatched experience for this relatively new and growing water sport.

  1. Cruising

The Nile River is the longest running river in the world. In Egypt, visitors get to enjoy magnificent cruises across the great river, starting from the modern capital of Cairo in the north to the ancient capital of Thebes (Luxor) in the south, passing by exotic scenery from the different historical eras that this country experienced.



-Sharm El-Sheikh


-The North Coast